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SMART TAX USA has been in business since 1995 helping Manufacturing, Processing and Fabrication companies from small to large fortune 500 and 100 companies nationwide.  Our firm’s expertise are in State Sales & Use Tax Reviews, Reverse Audits, Audit Defense, Sales Tax Nexus Reviews, and Electric/Gas Predominant Use Exemption Studies.  We work nationally with State and Local Taxes (SALT) (State, City & County) taxing authorities.

Now Is The Time To Identify Sales & Use Tax Overpayments and Increase Your Bottom Line! 

Our Clients are large US manufacturers or any company that qualifies for the “State Manufacturing, Processing and Fabrication Exemptions”. This means any typical manufacturing companies will benefit from our serve as well as restaurants, assembly and Oil Refineries. Each State has different rules and regulations for who will qualify for the Manufacturing Exemptions. Our success rate in identifying a refund opportunity is 90% of the companies we visit!

SMART TAX USA Will Identify Areas of Sales & Use Tax Overpayments.

Our comprehensive sales tax review will identify refund opportunities due to administrative tax law changes and/or missed exemptions. SMART TAX USA staff of auditors are well seasoned former State Auditors and/or formerly from one of the big three accounting firms.  We will spend one to two days on site identifying sales and use tax refund opportunities by performing a detailed review of your current year’s records.  The initial review process will not interfere with any of the client staff or time!  Once a refund opportunity has been identified we will expand our review to include all open periods per state law and statute, usually 3 to 4 years.

Smart Tax has been in business for over 18 year and we have worked with many of the largest manufacturing companies in the US.  In many cases our clients engage us to review one location and then expand to include all their locations across the nation due to SMART TAX USA success.

The efforts of SMART TAX USA have resulted in well over $40,000,000++ in refunds for our clients.  Many of our clients have us perform a review for them every two years to identify law changes and possible overpayment that may be lost due to state statutes.

Our Corporate office is located in Dallas TX with offices strategically located in San Clemente CA, Minneapolis MN, Salt Lake City UT, Harrisburg PA and Corporate office in Dallas, TX.


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SMART TAX USA specialized comprehensive analysis can determine how these new exemptions; credits and incentives directly affect your business. This will result in a reduction of current and future tax liabilities providing significant tax savings for your business! Most importantly our success rate is 90% of the companies we work with will have a substantial tax saving benefit. Our initial review will determine the validity of your refund status and as always, the consultation is absolutely free. Our work is performed on a contingency fee basis, “if we do not perform no fee is due!”