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smart-tax-brochure-logosSMART TAX USA – What We Do

Smart Tax USA will spend two to three days making a preliminary determination of the sales and use tax refund potential. This will involve reviewing the current year of accounts payable and related sales tax accrual procedures for each location. Some other records may be necessary as the review progresses.

Smart Tax USA will discuss our preliminary findings with the appropriate personnel and decide the best course of action from that point forward.

Sales and Use Reverse Audits are generally performed externally because most companies do not have the time or the resources to devote to such a project.


We act as an extension of your tax department. We devote our time, energy and expertise to identifying and recovering overpayments so you don’t have to. Our Sales and Use Tax Review will results in maximum tax savings for your company. We will provide you with quality reports that document our findings in a clear and concise manner so that you understand what we have done and what issues to look for in the future. Our Sales and Use Tax Review has been employed in numerous facilities throughout the United States. Our commitment is to consistently maintain the highest level of quality in the services we provide to our clients.

Identifying Refund Potential

Steps and Procedures. SMART TAX USA will identify areas of sales and use tax overpayments and will document these areas with the appropriate references and explanations. We will review the most convenient records first, and then expand our review to include all open periods as warranted. Once we have identified a possible refund opportunity we will follow the proper procedures to validate the claim and insure that no previous credits or refunds were given on any of the issues we identify.

Obtaining Refunds

SMART TAX USA will take full responsibility and secure all documentation necessary to obtain the refunds from the State and /or vendors as appropriate including necessary follow-up submissions and meetings. This will involve several recovery methods to include filing a claim for refund directly with the vendors. It is our goal to keep a positive vendor relation between the vendor and your company. Secondly we will also file refund request directly with the appropriate taxing authority. Please keep in mind no refund will be sought without your approval.


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SMART TAX USA specialized comprehensive analysis can determine how these new exemptions; credits and incentives directly affect your business. This will result in a reduction of current and future tax liabilities providing significant tax savings for your business! Most importantly our success rate is 90% of the companies we work with will have a substantial tax saving benefit. Our initial review will determine the validity of your refund status and as always, the consultation is absolutely free. Our work is performed on a contingency fee basis, “if we do not perform no fee is due!”