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seminarsSales and Use Tax Seminar

Included in our service Smart Tax USA will provide a seminar to detail and explain all relevant tax laws and procedures to any and all employees you would like to have in attendance. The main focus of this seminar will be to provide the necessary information, on a go-forward basis, to correct any mistakes made prior to the review.

Included as part of our commitment to you, SMART TAX USA will also bring to your attention items (If any exist) we identify where your company may owe taxes due to underpayments. We will discuss correcting them on a go forward basis so that your company will be in complete compliance.

We will also look for duplicate payments within the accounts payable records using our advanced technology to recover hidden profits. This will be achieved by reviewing your accounts payable data to look for duplicate payments and/or overpayments and missed discounts.


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SMART TAX USA specialized comprehensive analysis can determine how these new exemptions; credits and incentives directly affect your business. This will result in a reduction of current and future tax liabilities providing significant tax savings for your business! Most importantly our success rate is 90% of the companies we work with will have a substantial tax saving benefit. Our initial review will determine the validity of your refund status and as always, the consultation is absolutely free. Our work is performed on a contingency fee basis, “if we do not perform no fee is due!”