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Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing

Today’s challenging economic climate and ongoing changes in tax legislation and accounting standards are forcing organizations to rethink the way they do business. And that includes the way they manage their sales and use tax processes and controls.

Smart Tax offers a turnkey outsource solution for this important reporting requirement. Our experienced staff delivers monthly tax reporting services for our clients by preparing accurate tax returns and remitting their sales, use and transaction based taxes to any jurisdiction in the United States. We provide a seamless transition from your Accounting Department to ours.

Outsourcing your indirect tax compliance to Smart Tax can be a cost-effective, versatile and adaptable means of enabling your organization to free up in-house resources to focus on core accounting/tax functions and long-term strategic business initiatives.

Nexus & Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing

Certain activities, as insignificant as they may seem, may establish nexus (a connection with a state that subjects you to its tax laws). You unknowingly may have had nexus with a state for many years. You might even be responsible for back sales taxes, franchise taxes and income taxes, penalties and interest for past years.

As states continue to face budget challenges, nexus is a bigger issue now than in the past. States are becoming more aggressive in seeking revenue, and a popular source of this revenue is out-of-state companies.
New initiatives between states, such as the recent streamlined sales tax initiative, will greatly increase the amount of information sharing between states. This increased communication will likely result in an expanded emphasis on nexus discoveries by states.

The good news is there are steps you can take to reduce your exposure and liability if you take them before discovery by states. Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing

We can handle your Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing and:
· Conduct a nexus study to determine if your activities and/or sales may potentially give rise to nexus.
· Conduct a nexus study to look for estimated liability, if any, by tax type and state
· Anonymously contact selected states on your behalf to negotiate voluntary disclosure agreements


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SMART TAX USA specialized comprehensive analysis can determine how these new exemptions; credits and incentives directly affect your business. This will result in a reduction of current and future tax liabilities providing significant tax savings for your business! Most importantly our success rate is 90% of the companies we work with will have a substantial tax saving benefit. Our initial review will determine the validity of your refund status and as always, the consultation is absolutely free. Our work is performed on a contingency fee basis, “if we do not perform no fee is due!”