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New Jersey State Manufacturing Exemptions

New Jersey Exempt Usage:

Sale of machinery or equipment for use or consumption directly and primarily in the production of tangible personal property by manufacturing, processing, assembling or refining; sale of machinery, apparatus or equipment for use or consumption directly and primarily in the production, generation, transmission or distribution of gas, electricity, refrigeration, steam or water for sale or in the operation of sewerage systems;

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Sales of tangible personal property, except energy, and digital property purchased for use or consumption directly and exclusively in research and development in the experimental or laboratory sense; Sales or use of wrapping paper, wrapping twine, bags, cartons, tape, rope, labels, nonreturnable containers, reusable milk containers, and all other wrapping supplies when such use is incidental to the delivery of any tangible personal property and containers for use in a “farming enterprise”; Sales of tangible personal property and production and conservation services to a farmer for use and consumption directly and primarily in the production, handling and preservation for sale of agricultural or horticultural commodities at the farming enterprise;

Sales of materials, such as chemicals and catalysts, used to induce or cause a refining or chemical process, where such materials are an integral or essential part of the processing operation, but do not become a component part of the finished product are exempt from the tax; Renting, leasing, licensing or interchanging of trucks, tractors, trailers or semitrailers by persons not engaged in a regular trade or business offering such renting, leasing, licensing or interchanging to the public; certain commercial vehicles operated actively and exclusively for the carriage of interstate freight pursuant to a certificate or permit issued by the Interstate Commerce Commission; Recycling, treatment, conveyance equipment. (N.J.S.A 54:32B-8.1 through 54:32B-8.60)

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