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1080 Grid System - 12 Column Grid Photoshop TemplateDuplicate Payment Reviews

There are three distinct stages to the duplicate payment review following the agreement of the terms of engagement.

Data collection
We will provide you with a wish list of the data fields required and the fields to be extracted.

Our technical staff will be pleased to assist you in data aggregation which we anticipate will take no more than two or three hours.

Data can be provided to us by a variety of secure methods including CSV, d-Base, Excel, Word, Access and print file.

Data interrogation, production of preliminary reports and verification
The data analysis will be undertaken off-site and, therefore, there is no possibility of data corruption or system access issues.

We produce preliminary reports analysing the duplicates identified along with suggestions to reduce/eliminate future occurrences.

We will also obtain the necessary evidence of the duplicate payments i.e. copy invoices.

Our team includes experienced staff who will liaise with your suppliers to sensitively recover duplicate payments.  We would ordinarily operate as a division of your organisation i.e. internal audit, purchase audit etc. maximising responses and recoveries on your behalf.  At all times we will ensure your relationship with suppliers is not disturbed.

After three months, a round-up review will be undertaken to consider reasons for any significant duplicate payments which have not been recovered.

Thereafter, we will produce a final report summarising our findings, including duplicate payments identified and recovered, together with other useful data to provide you with other cost-cutting opportunities.


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