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We are a highly experienced Sales and Use Tax Consulting Firm, our auditors are former State Auditors or formerly from one of the big three national firms. We have been in business for over 18 years helping companies reduce their tax liabilities and identify refund opportunities. Our experience is in all types of industries. Our expertise is multi–state-faceted with a national success in tax recovery, audit defense, nexus review everything Sales and Use Tax related


Specializing in State Sales, Use Tax Exemptions, Credits & Incentives

National State Sales and Use Tax Consulting Firm specializing in State Sales and Use Tax changes, Refund Audits, Audit Defense, Sales and Use Tax Exemptions, Credits and Incentives Including Manufacturing, Processing, Fabricating, Oil and Gas, Refineries, Agriculture, and Restaurants

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Recent State Administrative Tax Law changes create opportunity for Sales and Use Tax Refunds and Future Tax Savings! 45 states collect Statewide Sales and Use Taxes. 38 states collect Local Sales Taxes.  All states change their Sales and Use Tax laws implementing new Tax Exemptions frequently for Manufacturing, Fabrication, Processing, Assembly, Restaurants, Retail and Service companies, basically any business that pays State Taxes.

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Sales and Use reverse audits are generally performed externally because most companies do not have the time or the resources to devote to such a project. Why use Smart Tax USA? We act as an extension of your tax department. We devote our time, energy and expertise to identifying and recovering overpayments so you don’t have to.

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More than 5,000 U.S. jurisdictions have changed their sales and use taxes. State Courts are constantly interpreting sales tax laws and regulations. Many states are coping with large budget deficits. We can help with State Tax Audit Defense!


SMART TAX USA will identify areas of sales and use tax overpayments and will document these areas with the appropriate references and explanations such as Reverse Audits and how they help. SMART TAX USA will review the most convenient records first, and then expand our review.


Included in our service Smart Tax USA will provide a seminar to detail and explain all relevant tax laws and procedures to any and all employees you would like to have in attendance. The main focus of this seminar will be to provide the necessary information such as State Manufacturing Exemptions.

State Tax Audit Defense • State Manufacturing Exemptions • Reverse Audits

Over $4,000,000 of overpaid and/or over-assessed taxes has been filed in just the last year due to our efforts. Manufacturing Manager

Reduced a $250,000 sales tax audit liability for a  manufacturer to a liability of $25,000 resulting in $225,000 tax savings. Texas Petroleum Facility

Performed a reverse sales tax audit for a large manufacturing company as a follow-up to a prior audit done by one of the national firms and we were successful in identifying over $100,000 in additional refunds and savings. Midwest Company CEO

Utilized a variety of hearings and letter rulings to weave a successful argument to reduce sales taxes for many different companies in various industries resulting in refunds. Sales Tax Auditor

State Tax Audit Defense • State Manufacturing Exemptions • Reverse Audits